Nippara Limestone Caves

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Explore 'Nippara Limestone Caves', the amazing sight and natural wonder of the Kanto region

It is the good trip with the family and children to explore the wonderful nature, study the geological formation and discover the amazing 'Nippara limestone cave', an ancient ecotourism destination and well-renowned as the largest limestone cave in the Kanto region which located in the East of Japan, near Tokyo

Inside the cave is filled with wonderful shapes of many stalactites and stalagmites which have been spontaneously formed for several hundreds years. There are different in sizes and shapes. It’s been decorated with colorful lights and the sound of music to create good atmosphere throughout 800 meter journey, also worship of the white Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara enshrined in the cave. The temperature inside the cave is kept 11 ℃ throughout the year

Entrance fee
  • High school students-Adult 700 yen
  • Elementary school students 500 yen
  • Children 400 yen
  • Travel in groups of over 25 visitors receive 100 yen discount
How to get there
  • By Car-Driving from Yokota Air Base, take Route 411 headed toward Okutama, arriving in Okutama, then turn onto Route 204, which leads directly to the cave
  • By public transportation-take the JR Ome Line to Ome, and transfer to JR Ome Line trains to Okutama Station
  1. Wear suitable clothes to flexible and comfortable with water droplets after the rain
  2. Travel by bus to avoid the limited of parking lot
  3. The Bus will drop you at the cave on weekday. On holiday, the bus cannot stop in front of the cave, so you must walk for 2 km from the bus stop