Wat Pho


One of the most popular and marvelous places in Bangkok; passing through Heng Arch, which is the Chinese architectural monument to pray for fortune and worship the one of top 3 largest and oldest reclining Buddha in Thailand since the Ayutthaya era, which are enshrined at Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Ratchaworamahawihan, also well-known as Wat Pho or Wat Photharam. Importantly, this is a main temple of King Rama I. Beyond its reputation for divinity, longevity and magnificent architectural beauty, it has also been registered as'Memory of the World Programme’ by UNESCO; a massive religious collection of ancient artifacts, Buddha statues/images and being a source of historical education, Arts, painting, poem and a great reputation for teaching about the medicine and the traditional Thai massage as the first university in Thailand. 

Highlights of this temple contained with 99 chedis, including the great 4 Maha chedis of King Rama I to King Rama IV, which are massive and finely decorated.
It is the temple that contains the most chedis in Thailand. 

In the area of ​​this temple, there are a stone sculpture of a Chinese statues standing by the gates, statues of hermit presenting yoga postures, giant statues guarding the main hall. It is another outstanding identity of Wat Pho.

The tall outstanding of the great Maha Chedis stands along the way to the main hall of enormous Reclining Buddha. 

The golden Buddha images are bright and impressive. 

There are numerous antique masterpieces, including artistic wall painting, medical text inscription on stone, especially authentic traditional Thai massage which is very famous Both Thai and foreigners come to study at this temple.

Heng Arch is located near the front door of the entrance. Believe that if you come to Wat Pho, you have to pass through Heng Arch to enhance prosperity and wealth. Don't forget to pray and wish for it! 

Anyone who has come to Wat Pho must be impressived, full of merit, and enamored in the beauty and shady, until you have to come back to worship the sacred things here again. Hope you enjoy reading, let's continue travelling together in the next trip. Being your style with saviour way by WeOffer. 

How to get there
  • Getting to Wat Pho is very convenient due to its central location in Bangkok. It is located on Sanam Chai Road and Maharaj Road Next to the temple of Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaew. Entry fee 50 Thai Baht per person.
  • Opening Hours: 8.00am-9.00pm
  1. Shoulder cannot be exposed and need to be covered below knee for both men and woman.  
  2. Suggest to pass through Heng Arch; pray and wish to enhance the wealth and prosperity. 
  3. Do not allow the use of a selfie stick for taking pictures. 
  4. Having nice shots at night, light and reflection create more spectacular atmosphere. 
  5. Parking is limited. It is more convenient to travel here by taxi.